Specialty Dentures
Tulsa, OK

Restoring Your Smile

At The Art of Modern Dentistry, we provide dentures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for any adult looking for an affordable and removable solution for their smile. During a consultation, Dr. Kimberly Stokes will evaluate your health and create the perfect pair of dentures onsite so you can enjoy a fully functioning smile again. To schedule an appointment with our dentist and team, please call 918-622-3353.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dentures are a tried-and-true restoration option as old as the 7th century BC. With the latest advances in dental technology and techniques, these removable oral appliances are more effective, comfortable and natural looking than ever before, restoring the beauty, function and health of your smile.

Depending on each patient’s individual needs and whether they are missing only a few or all of their teeth, our dentist may recommend either a complete or partial denture. While a partial denture can be used to replace multiple missing teeth when the patient still has natural teeth remaining, a complete denture is used to replace a full dental arch of missing teeth. A partial denture is held into place using a system of thin clasps attached to natural teeth. A complete denture is typically held into place using a denture adhesive.

The point of your complete or partial dentures is to help improve your ability to eat and speak properly, and to restore your confidence in your smile. A denture will also fill in your natural facial volume, and each denture is custom made to fit your smile comfortably and securely. To learn more about the process of receiving your own dentures, and to talk with our team about whether dentures are the right restorative option for you, call or visit our office and schedule your consultation with our dentist. We look forward to helping you smile!