Dental Technology

Our dentist and team use state-of-the-art dental technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to treat the right areas in your smile. These tools help Dr. Kimberly Stokes deliver quality care to ensure your teeth stay healthy. Check out the type of technology we use below and call 918-622-3353 to schedule an appointment with us at The Art of Modern Dentistry.

What Is Dental Technology?

Dental technology refers to the tools, equipment and materials used by dentists to provide dental care. It includes everything from the simple hand instruments used to clean teeth to the sophisticated computer-guided systems used to place dental implants.

Dentists use a variety of dental technologies in their office, depending on the type of treatment they are providing. For example, they may use X-ray machines to take dental images or intraoral cameras to get a closer look at the teeth and gums. They may also use computers to design custom dental appliances or to plan complex dental procedures.

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

One of the most important benefits of dental technology is that it allows our dentist to provide more accurate and effective care. For example, computer-guided technology can be used to place dental implants with greater precision, which leads to fewer complications and a quicker, more comfortable recovery for the patient.

Another benefit of dental technology is that it can help to make dental procedures more affordable. In many cases, the use of dental technology can help to reduce the cost of treatment by eliminating the need for costly laboratory tests or by reducing the amount of time needed to complete a procedure.

Overall, dental technology can offer a number of benefits to both our patients and our dentist. It can help to improve the quality of care we provide and ensure the success of our treatments. If you are considering dental treatment, be sure to ask Dr. Stokes about the dental technologies we use in our office.