If you have a tooth get lost or extracted, a dental implant can replace the missing tooth, from the root to the crown. These implants act as prosthetic teeth that look and feel just like the real thing. Each dental implant is made up from two main parts: the implant post and the implant restoration.

First, the implant post will be placed, integrating with your jawbone to be fully secured. Next, our dentist can discuss your implant restoration options. The implant restoration will be the replacement for the crown of your missing tooth or teeth and is the visible part of the dental implant. The restoration could range from a single crown to a dental bridge or denture. Our dentist will be able to help you decide on the restoration that works best with you, taking into account your oral health and function and of course your smile goals.

Each dental implant restoration is made to offer you a long-lasting solution that is custom designed for your smile. With a dental implant restoration from The Art of Modern Dentistry, you can have an aesthetically pleasing and durable treatment so you can have a smile you are proud to share for years to come.

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